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CPA Chiptuning The motivation and the claim of CPA Chiptuning specialize in chiptuning (TunigBox, PowerBox). The management and development team of CPA Chiptuning can now look back on 40 years of racing experience in motorsports. These includes Formula 2 (European Championship), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, supermoto and finally the national Superbike class. This tuning experience from racing combines with meticulous engineer work in the automotive region Stuttgart. That makes our TuningBox to a successful chiptuning PowerBox. Based on our commitment modern chiptuning with the popular PowerBox arose. The extra power with our PowerBox (TuningBox) is appreciable, also the throttle response could be improved. We rely on quality straight from the heart of Baden-Württemberg, this is the reason why our products are conceived, developed and manufactured directly from us. Rely on Swabian engineering. We use modern processors in our PowerBox. These characteristics allow rapid optimization. The management and development team of CPA Chiptuning develops software since many years. Finally we can pack all of our experience and knowledge in our PowerBox, to offer such an interesting product. We deliver your chiptuning PowerBox with software specifically developed for your vehicle. This corresponds with the delivery of basic setting. However, you have the option to adjust the PowerBox according to your individual needs. The combination of up to 72Mhz (only Nitro) fast processors and sophisticated software, the PowerBox became such a great product.